MEDEIL – Pharmacy Automation with Best Feature Rich Software help small and medium Retail and Hospital Pharmacies across 60 Countries

MEDEIL – Pharmacy Automation with Best Feature Rich Software help small and medium Retail and Hospital Pharmacies across 60 Countries

MEDEIL software is a pharmacy automation solution which not only simplify pharmacy workflow and decrease the risk of errors, they also empower hospitals to refocus pharmacy staff on direct patient-care activities. With help from MEDEIL software, hospitals can automate onerous tasks such as medication packing, distributing, storing and retrieval. Pharmacy automation solution like MEDEIL software cost-effectively streamline the outpatient and inpatient drug dispensing process by ensuring the right drug reaches the right patient at the right time.

Nowadays many hospitals and pharmacies depend on labor-intensive manual processes to determine inventory and make purchasing decisions. As these manual processes are prone to miscalculations, visual examinations and handwritten records can result in costly overstock and buying emergencies. These problems can be prevented by using pharmacy automation solution like MEDEIL software. If these problems are not fixed,then it could adversely impact staff efficiency and the patient experience. With a pharmacy automation solution like MEDEIL software, hospitals can manage and track medication, supplies and health statistics, restocking only the things that are required, when they are needed.

Apart from error free operations, pharmacies are also need to be more productive, meet increasingly rigid regulatory necessities and assistin improving overall patient care as it become a normin today’s high-pressure world of health care. Automating medication packaging and distributing helps hospitals and pharmacies turn into more proficient and patient-centric.MEDEIL pharmacy automation software modernize pharmacy workflows and support the administration. By computerizing certain elements of medication administration, hospitals can free their druggists from labor-intensive tasks and regulate processes. These activities significantly reduce the chances of lethal and expensive medication mistakes.

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Off late, pharmacy business has turned into a booming industry.The Indian Pharmaceutical industry has a high growth rate at a CAGR of 17.46 per cent in 2015 from US$ 6 billion in 2005. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.92 per cent to US$ 55 billion by 2020.


Entrepreneurs planning to start a new pharmacy business may find it difficult on how to get started. Here, we have discussed some points to make your business venture smooth,easy and profitable.


Government Norms: To get started with pharmacy business one must first adhere with the norms or specific standards set by the government. These norms vary depending upon your state.


Government of India has made VAT registration compulsory for selling of any products in India. Since VAT comes under state government, one must obtain VAT registration from State’s VAT or Sales Tax Department.


DCCI Norms: Drugs cannot be sold in the market without proper licence. Generally, Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and State Drugs Standard Control Organization issue licence for selling of drugs. If you plan to start your own pharmacy business, then get your licence from your respective State Drugs Standard Control Organization.


The Drug Control Organization issues two types of licence. They are:


Retail Drug Licence:This type of licence is issuedto those who want to run a general chemist shop.Some states give this licence to only those persons with a degree or diploma in Pharmacy from a recognized institute.


Wholesale Drug Licence: This type of licence is issued to person or agency running wholesale business of drugs and medicines.

Requirements for getting Drug Licence:

Below we have discussed minimum requirement to get a drug licence:


Area:An area of minimum 10 square metres is required to start a pharmacy shop.But with shops having both retail and wholesale licence should have 15 square metre of space.

Storage: The shop must have a refrigerator to store important drugs like vaccines, Sera, Insulin etc.

Technical Staff: A registered pharmacist is compulsory to sell drugs or medicines by wholesale or retail pharmacy businesses.


License renewal period: Licence renewal vary depending upon state. According to Pharmacy Act, 1948 the state government holds the right of renewal. It needs to be done annually or after every 5 years as decided by the state government. Moreover, specific renewal fee may be prescribed by the government. For more detailed information, kindly check the Pharmacy Act, 1948, here.


The new era has seen the involvement of computer in almost every field. Pharmacy business is also not left untouched.  Time consuming manual task have been brought down with the use of software. A pharmacist can maintain database of medicines available and their expiry date with the help of a software.Moreover, secure payments monitoring system software can be installed for easy and safe the link for more details Best Pharmacy software system


Healthcare industry is thriving business and a degree in pharmacy can give you exciting and rewarding career. Lots of people who walk into a drug store depend on a pharmacist for assistance and advice for their health care needs.Pharmacists are considered as one of the most trusted professions. The pharmacy business can be run by an individual or the whole family can get involved in it. Hope this blog assists you in opening up your own pharmacy business.

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